About AGG Productions

AGG Productions is celebrating its first decade, 10 productive years in video productions. AGG Productions is a team of creative machines that offers a mix of traditional (ATL&BTL), videos, digital and innovative communication tools and delivers their clients what they need by going against gravity to capture creativity through beautiful visuals. At AGG Productions, we help you with all essential production and pre-production elements, like concept development, storyboarding, location scouting and finding the best director or DoP besides ensuring that the shoot runs smoothly and without any glitches or delays. – If you have any requirements in Video Productions, Photography or Talent then we are the right people for you.


the Team

We are a team of two creative machines - a Video Editor/ Creative Director & a Videographer/ Photographer who have produced and directed several commercials, corporate videos and various film/video productions for companies, high end advertising agencies and various industries.

Ali Ghazanfar Ghaznavi

Founder & CEO

With over 10 years of experience working as a Video Editor, Creative Director, Corporate Film Director, Commercial Ad Film Maker, Storyteller and Producer and being part of some of the best commercials for multinational and regional brands, I’m here to help you give shape to your vision. If you have a brand story to tell, my job is to work with you and shape your story into visual reality and built a chord reaching your target audience.

Sreejesh Kanandhara


Extremely very passionate about capturing images and captivating visuals. With over 5 years of experience as a DOP - Photographer/ Videographer working with some major brands and companies, I am here to capture the images and visuals of your brands, products and services in a very unique way.